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About OP

Olympian Physiques offers an array of training options to cater to each individual's and organization's specified needs.


One on one training allows OP to provide you with an individualized program catering to your specified needs. In order to properly take care of one's body you must first understand how it operates. This understanding comes with repetitious education from a credible source. One on one training with OP creates an open Q & A platform enabling you to readily obtain the information you require. 



Group training is a great way to begin or resume your fitness journey. Some find individual training a bit intimidating, or simply love the energy and motivation of exercising with multiple people. Others on a more strict budget enjoy the affordablility of group sessions. From small groups to fitness camps OP offers options to help you reach your goals. 



Nowadays many companies offer the use of gym facilities to their employees to promote good health. Unfortunately, without proper instruction and guidance a gym can be intimidating, obsolete, and even dangerous. OP offers corporate training for establishments that want to provide their employees with the neccessary information to properly and safely utilize all equipment as well as achieve their health and wellness goals. 
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