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At Olympian Physiques we want to provide you with all the tools and information you need to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Our multidimensional blueprint to help you achieve this goal is what separates us from other organizations. Let us help you maximize your physical potential. 


The ability to perpetuate a healthy lifestyle is largely contingent upon an individual's knowledge base. If you are properly educated on how to eat and how to train according to your goals your fitness future will be secured.



In order to fully dedicate yourself to your fitness goals you must address any and all underlying issues that hinder your growth or break your focus. Your emotional foundation must be solid and sound enough to build your healthy life on. 




Many categorize the pursuit of strength as a purely egotisitcal, and therefore trivial endeavor. Though this can be true in many cases it is prudent for us all to lend a bit of focus to keeping our muscular structure adequately strong. Our muscles are our first line of defense in situations of external impact i.e. car accidents and falls. When our muscles are not properly conditioned, weakended, and soft we are more susceptible to injuries. These injuries can include muscle pulls, tears, ligament and tendon damage, etc... 




Life is about repetition. Whether we realize it or not, we all do the same things thousands to millions of times throughout our lives. From lifting items on your job and picking up your baby, to bending over to tie your shoes and walking up your steps. These are everyday occurrences that require muscular performance no matter how minor it may seem. If you suffer an injury and can't perform common tasks you then realize how crucial certain muscles are. In light of this repetitious nature we are governed by, its only logical to incorporate true endurance based training into your fitness routine. Conditioning your body to generate the same force repeatedly without immediate fatigue or injury is essential. 




There is a large portion of the population who see cardiovascular exercise as an option and often avoid it. This perspective is flawed and can lead to an array of health complications. Cardiovascular exercise is the only way to keep our most important muscle, the heart, properly conditioned. Many claim to log their cardio hours via weight lifting methods. This is a common and poor attempt to circumvent true cardio. There are innumerable cases of strong, lean, and well built gym goers who suffer heart attacks and other internal issues due to cardio avoidance. Cardiovascular exercise is not an option, it is a necessity. 


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