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At Olympian Physiques we strive to provide the absolute best training experience by catering to each client and their needs. For truly effective and comprehensive program design one must consider the subtleties and the nuances of each individual. This unique information can then be used as a framework to create a tailor made regimen and approach.


"From a fitness standpoint, Zeus is the most well-rounded person/athlete I've ever seen. He could compete in the "World's Strongest Man" competition but he's also able to run 10-15 miles at a ridiculous pace. Something you wouldn't expect from a guy who's 210 pounds of pure muscle. If you're trying to slim down and shed unwanted pounds, no one's better. On the other hand, If you're trying to build your physique, no one can compete. He can do it all. His training is perfectly tailored to fit your goals and your strengths. He meets you where you are. And he always emphasizes safety first! If this were all Zeus had to offer, that would be phenomenal. However, Zeus is unique because he helps you develop yourself holistically. He believes in not just physical fitness but emotional fitness. His philosophy is that one's emotional state effects the physical and vice versa. He life coaches people and finds out what emotions, past events, traumas, and relationships are shaping their soul. He uses that information to help the person see themselves out of the emotional turmoil that keeps them from being emotionally and physically fit. When you train with Zeus it's not just your bodily physique that becomes transformed but your spiritual physique becomes enhanced and developed as well. Olympian Physiques's has a holistic philosophy not just a "beach body" philosophy. You become a better human being." 

~Mike Smith~​


"I've had the pleasure of having Zeus as my trainer after he was recommended to me by a friend. I had never used the services of a personal trainer before and was apprehensive about the entire process. Zeus' approach to determining my level of fitness, designing an effective workout and nutrition program, and of active encouragement allayed my fears. Zeus dedication to my physical fitness and transformation confirmed that I had made the right choice in him as a trainer. His approach is one of support and inspiration rather than yelling and berating. His influence extended past our workout time, as he was able to instill a confidence in me. Zeus is an excellent trainer, but even a better person. I'm eternally grateful that I discovered his fitness company."

~Ken Williams~


"Fitness has always been important to me. I have always tried to incorporate it into my life but without any real follow-thru. Olympian Physiques has proved effective for me in achieving my goals. Training with Zeus will not only help you become physically stronger but also mentally stronger. The unique philosophy of mental wellness and exercise incorporated by Olympian Physiques will get you to your goal! Together you and Zeus  will build a foundation and he will create a program tailored to your specific needs! I have been training with Zeus for 6 months and have seen phenomenal results! His training has not only helped me emotionally, it's also helped me complete my first half marathon. And I've signed up for my second half-marathon! Even better, I now wear a size 8 in jeans and no more 1 piece bathing suits for me!"

~Xochitl Mendez~

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